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Today Webpage Reviews
Today Webpage Reviews
Today Webpage Reviews

MediumToday Webpage is the aggressive digital management partner that all start up and growth-focused businesses need. This agency promotes a 4 step process for success in online business. First, they implement a 10 week deadline for the building step. In this step, they will create and develop designs which could foster an emotional and interactive experience with the users. The ease of use of these designs is a priority. Second, they will try to increase traffic by using strategies like pay per click management, search engine optimization, and email marketing. Third, they will maximize return on investment by optimizing website and advertising campaigns. You must be able to draw and keep a large amount of traffic then obtain conversions from guests to customers. Finally, they will automate the process. Automation maximizes profit by incorporating efficiency. When certain aspects are automated, you could focus your resources on building customer relationships instead of expensive advertising.

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11/5/2016 First to Review I met Gabe Mulford (the founder and primary developer at Today Webpage) back in 2005 and he's helped me with countless web projects since then. He's awesome and I have zero reservations giving him a 5-star review here on Yelp. Gabe knows the web inside and out. He understand the guts of it all. That means he goes WAY beyond just building a website. He's very resourceful and can code up functionality faster than anyone I have ever worked with. In past projects, I've emailed him with a request for custom functionality and had the feature online two hours later. When he's working on your stuff, there's no one better. Beyond his abilities as a coder and web developer, Gabe is also a really good guy. He's honest and communicates candidly. You always know what the deal is. If your request is unreasonable, he will tell you right away and suggest other options that make more sense. After working with him for a while, you'll find yourself wanting to get his opinion on all of your decisions. He's a great sounding board and has true expertise in the field. My past projects with Gabe have included WordPress websites, custom-coded websites, graphic design and email marketing platforms. He's been invaluable in every case. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any specific questions about Gabe or Today Webpage.

Illinois, Chicago
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