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Space-Rocket Reviews
Space-Rocket Reviews
Space-Rocket Reviews

Space-Rocket's tagline is connected brands. The company believes in connecting companies both emotionally and digitally to their customers. This approach improves customer loyalty and increases the company's sales. Space-Rocket uses various strategies to make their clients visible, useful, usable and engaging. The company's client roster includes Coca-Cola, LG, LEGO, and Heathrow, proving that their ideas and strategies are sound and do indeed work. The company believes in connections and has branched out into 17 offices worldwide. This makes Space-Rocket and its expertise accessible by almost any business, and ensures clients that they have a greater chance to go global in terms of reputation. Space-Rocket is a full service agency. The services Space-Rocket offers are strategy and planning, SEO programmes, technical SEO, creative services, media planning and buying, social media marketing, data, analytics and research, and web design and development. Space-Rocket has consistently won awards in the field of digital marketing.

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3/27/2014 I had my back against the wall with a programming problem that I just couldn't fix. Mind you, I'm just starting out with programming, but after a few hours, it's like staring into a bowl of alphabet soup and trying to read meaning into it. Anyway, I put out an eleventh hour, emergency call. Michael was super responsive, didn't give me any attitude about the time, the deadline, the budget or why my stuff was messed-up. All he needed was a link, where he promptly studied the source, found my problem, and sent me a screen grab with a gentle explanation of what i did wrong! He's anybody's Dream Programming Consultant. I couldn't believe how easy he made it. I put the code in right where he said, looked up at my browser, and my problem was gone. There's nothing better than having problems instantly erased, that's what Michael is capable of. If you want to get your project on track, and keep it on track, get Michael onboard.

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