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Mayer SF Reviews
Mayer SF Reviews
Mayer SF Reviews

As a creative web design agency, the Mayer SF site does not disappoint. If you overlook a slightly slow load time on its site, it has a very interesting and interactive concept that highlights its tagline of creating memorable visual experiences. There are three main points they keep in mind for the development of digital solutions. First, they take a human centered approach in developing digital solutions. They make sure that their designs are compelling and elegant without losing sight of the users’ ease of use. Second, their solutions must also be responsive. Thus, they constantly develop cross-device web solutions. Through this strategy, a program that is developed on a single platform can be accessible from different devices. This allows users to have a positive and intuitive experience with brands no matter their media. Third, they help tailor online shops to the needs of the customers. After all, businesses must communicate well with their customers to allow them to flourish online.

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1/7/2010 I've had the pleasure of hiring Jessica to develop designs for our web site and print collateral at AdScape Media. Jessica deserves the 5 stars. She is creative, capable and above all.. very great to work with. I've also hired Jessica to provide images for our in-game advertising examples at Google and again.. Jessica delivers. I would recommend (and have) Jessica's services to anyone.

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