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Dotlogics Reviews
Dotlogics Reviews
Dotlogics Reviews

Dotlogics is an online agency that offers website design and development services that incorporate their vision for maximum functionality with intuitive navigation. Their team believes in perfecting the collaboration between technology, purpose, and the people for creating the best possible website for each client.

The company uses high-end content management systems and social platforms including but not limited to Wordpress, Magento, Symfony, and Drupal.

Just like any website development agency focusing on functionality, Dotlogics emphasizes maximum browsing experience through responsive design, flowing navigation, and third-party platform integrations. Their team also perfected the use of various eCommerce platforms to aid in the creation of successful online stores.

The company also takes pride in successfully establishing the business identity and branding of their clients through the use of simplistic – yet beautiful – logo designs and art direction. By using the personality of the client and amplifying the “essence” of each brand, they can integrate any website with intriguing visual elements to make the browsing experience memorable.

Dotlogics also has a vision of moving the internet community forward through evolving designs within the online industry. This is why they introduced “The Workshop,” which is a community centered on open-source projects from developers, designers, and other innovators in the world of online marketing.

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